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Manuscript staff: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 16:42:33   |   Views: 139

These days,190 "Four Shang Enterprises" private entrepreneurs in the Hohhot Economic Development Zone have received such a heartwarming message- "Hohhot Economic Development Zone entrepreneur: 2024 VIP channel equity has been opened for free! Early in advance! 2 hours call the VIP booking center (inform an enterprise in the Economic Development Zone、Contact person at welcome station、Contact information、license plate number,Date and flight number of the delivery station、Related information on the station card) can be available。”

Speaking of this,Luo Yun, general manager of Inner Mongolia Great Kiln Guest Co., Ltd., praised: "The Economic Development Zone serves the enterprise so carefully,Consider our travel so thoughtful,Too intimate。”

Since this year,Hohhot's Economic Development Zone in -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the development of the private economy,Further enhanced service awareness,Effectively treat private enterprises and private entrepreneurs as their own、Take their affairs as their own,Maximum efforts to create a good environment for the majority of private enterprises to start a business。

Lan Changqing, dafabet live casinoDirector of the Government Service Bureau of the Hohhot Economic Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau: ",Carry out corporate visits,On the one hand, strengthen the publicity of private enterprises to benefit enterprises and production safety,Regularly push the policy measures of beneficiary enterprises,Efforts to improve the awareness and usage rate of small and medium -sized enterprises; on the other hand, while closely grasping the production and operation of the enterprise,Pain points around the development of private enterprises、Difficult point,‘Nothing to disturb,Service Principles that need to be in need,Point to help,Actively listen to corporate demands,Coordinate and docking related departments,Try to help enterprises solve the difficulties encountered in production development。”

For enterprises、Difficulties encountered by the masses during the work、Pain、Blocking point,Hohhot's Economic Development Zone turned the "Mass Office" into "Government Office",Optimized help office service mode,Establishing "Investment Project Baojian Office+Special Gang Office+Government Affairs Hall Passing Service",Establish a special window for the help office,Arrange a special person,Surrounding the items、Application process、handling link, etc.,Provide a full -scale help office service。At the same time,Provide appointment office、On -site office、Live Office and "Morning and Night Elastic Office", "Uninterrupted at noon", "No Rest Saturday" and other services。January dafabet online sports betting appto April,The Economic Development Zone "Banno Ben" completes 806 pieces,Provide "help you to do" service for 26 companies。

Except "Help You" and "Back to the Office",Hohhot's Government Service Hall and Ruyi Branch also launched a number of policies for the people who benefit the enterprise,January to April,128 sets for free engraving official seal for enterprises in the jurisdiction、640 pieces,Save 64,000 yuan in funds for companies。At the same time,Significant service efficiency improves,January to April,Matters on the Internet can reach 99.5%,"Run at most" matters accounting for 97%,Promise handling time limit compression 85.5%。

"Let's get a specific thing from doing one specific thing,Vigorously create a strong atmosphere in the whole society to create a strong atmosphere of respecting businessmen, merchants, and businessmen。"Lan Changqing said,"Early May,We actively coordinate Hohhot Baita International Airport、Hohhot Railway Station,For the 190 ‘Four Shang Enterprises’ private entrepreneurs in the jurisdiction, the VIP VIP channel,Arrange a special person pick -up。”

"In recent years,Many services in the Economic Development Zone of Hohhot are the most critical in the enterprise、The most urgent、The most needed point,The train has been opened for free recently for us、Aircraft VIP VIP service,Let's feel warm heart。"in the production area of ​​Hohhot Tianhao Cement Co., Ltd.,Wang Xin, general manager of the company who is investigating the operation, told reporters,dafabet casino mobile app"Some time ago,The Economic Development Zone takes us to Tianjin to coordinate market orders,The person in charge of the relevant departments personally study the company's inspection itinerary,Refined to each time period、The specific arrangement of each line,Not only reflects local characteristics,Makes us feel at home。”

"Enterprise settled down、Can be rooted、Development is the ultimate purpose of the investment service enterprise in Hohhot Economic Development Zone。"Lan Changqing said,"Next,We will also start from more details,Start with more bites,Take out a more grounded measure,Really solve the anxiety of private enterprises,Help private enterprises to develop and grow with heart,Let more private enterprises feel our service temperature。”

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily

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