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Manuscript staff: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 16:37:27   |   Views: 134

Since this year,Hohhot City vigorously implement the integrity construction project,Better play the reform of the social credit system in the "decentralization service" reform、Government function change、Create a positive role in the market environment and social environment of integrity,"Soft Power" with the credit environment consolidate the "strong capital" strategy "hard support"。

Actually, Hohhot New City Store is a building materials home for 17 years,For many years of development, enterprises have continuously improved the optimization service process,Adhering to integrity operations,The full process supervision of the entire process from merchants to the after -sales protection,The results of integrity operations are reflected from the changes in the number of the guest complaints。

"In the first quarter, we accepted 8 after -sales guest complaints,It has been processed now。"Actually, the person in charge of the after -sales service of the new city store in Hohhot City, Jincai, introduced,"According to the number of statistics,Our after -sales customer complaint shows a trend of decline year by year。"" during business,Enterprise product quality、Sanlian three packs and other content promises to consumers and actively enforcement,After -sales problems can be solved within 7 days,Created a high -quality dafabet online betting websiteconsumer environment for society。Now,Hohhot's Home Home Building Material Market Co., Ltd.,Become an industry integrity business collection。

"Credit has become an important cornerstone of the market economy。In recent years,Hohhot's Xincheng District is improving government credibility、Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of the main body of the business subject,Created a good development environment for the healthy development of the regional economy。"Zhang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of the Development and Reform Commission of the New City District,In the construction of the social credit system, Xincheng District takes the collection of credit information as one of the starting points,Use the trustworthy incentive scene such as "Xinyi Loan",Help small, medium and micro enterprises financing development。

The better development environment has also further activated industrial development vitality。In the Linkle New Area,Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Application Incubation Base provides a large number of small and micro enterprises with a crowd -creation space for growth and development。October last year,Inner Mongolia Muyun Smart Technology Co., Ltd.,The vision of digital empowerment for farmers breeding to enter the base,Development gradually embark on orbit,March this year,I got the first angel investment funds。

Current,The base has reached more than 160 companies,Where,There are more than 60 technology companies like Muyun Smart Technology,Here they can enjoy the full free property fee of the water power grid、The entire process of the approval process is assisted and the docking complement of the upstream dafabet live casinoand downstream industrial chain business。

In order to facilitate the settlement of companies without actual operating places,and Lindel New District formulated the "Administrative Measures for the Custody of the Enterprise Residence","Custody Mission+Opening Approval" service,Help entrepreneurial enterprise、Small and micro enterprises perform address transitions; implement "commitment system+engineering approval" service,Send the "Notice of Construction of Promise System",Getting land for large -scale service industry projects will start; establish an enterprise commitment promise、The two -way integrity mechanism of high -efficiency supervision of the government。

Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Linkle New District Gao Jin introduced,Based on the "Social Credit System Construction Demonstration Creation Unit" approved by the autonomous region,Fully do a good job of various services for the enterprise around the construction of the new district of integrity,Improving the level of government services around credit+government services,The level of supervision and management around credit+supervision and supervision,Create a first -class business environment around credit+business environment,Building government -led、Everyone participating in the company、Everything、Talking about the development atmosphere of integrity performance。

According to the implementation plan of "Integrity Construction Project" in Hohhot City,Hohhot set up a work class,Special action to implement credit supervision、Special Action for Division of Trustworthy Behavior、Special Action for Integrity Culture Construction、Special Action Dafabet reviewsfor Execution of Tackling is the starting point,Fully create a "Credit Hohhot" city business card。The next step is planned to start the creation of demonstration cities for the construction of the national credit system construction,Comprehensively enhance government integrity、Business integrity、Social Integrity、Judicial Credit Credit level,Comprehensive governance system that collaborates in the four major areas。At the same time,Improve credit policy system,Promote the improvement of credit supervision,View Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical,Pay attention to the construction of integrity culture。Reinforcement of credit information,Integrated public credit information resources in strict accordance with the credit information directory,Realize the time rate of "dual publicity" data、Compliance rate、The reporting rate is 100%,Get "gather in accordance with laws and regulations,It should be collected "。

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily

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