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Manuscript staff: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 17:22:04   |   Views: 251

The banking insurance industry ushered in another heavy document。Recent,The State Administration of Finance Supervision and Administration issued the "Guiding Opinions on the" Five Big Articles "of the Banking Insurance Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance"),Around the development of new productive forces,Flat Dimension Technology Finance、Green Finance、Pratt & Prattho Finance、Pension Finance、Digital Financial "Five Big Articles",Improve the quality and level of financial services to the real economy of the financial services to propose specific measures。From the expert's point of view,"Five Big Articles" points to the key areas of economic structure transformation and upgrading and high -quality development,Bank insurance institutions shall take the "Guidance Opinions" as an opportunity,Accelerate transformation and innovation,Improve the ability to serve the real economy and its own steady development ability。

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Central Financial Work Conference to point out,"To create a good monetary financial environment,Effectively strengthen the major strategy、High -quality financial services in key areas and weak links。"" Doing a good job of technology finance、Green Finance、Pratt & Prattho Finance、Pension Finance、Five large articles in digital finance。”

The person in charge of the relevant departments of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration said,Financial "Five Dajin Articles" specifies the key tasks and implementation paths for financial support for high -quality development,Direction of the quality and effectiveness of the real economy in order to improve the financial service。

"Guidance Opinions" proposed the main goal of doing a good job of "five big articles" in finance。In the next 5 years,Multi -level of the banking insurance dafabet casino mobile appindustry、wide coverage、Diversity、Sustainable "Five Big Articles" service system basically forms,Related working mechanism is more complete、The product is richer,Service available、Cover、Satisfaction increased significantly,strongly promoting the development of new quality productive forces。

For example,In the field of technology finance,Requires financial services for the full life cycle of technology -based enterprises to further enhance,The level of funds and insurance for the transfer and transformation of research and development activities and scientific and technological achievements has improved significantly,The scientific and financial risk sharing mechanism continues to optimize,Efforts to form a virtuous cycle of "Technology -Industry -Finance"。

"Financial Work,Economic Live; Financial Stability,Economic Stability。"Chief researcher of Zhailian Dong Ximiao told this reporter,"Five Big Articles" points to the key areas of economic structure transformation and upgrading and high -quality development,Do a good job of "five big articles" is the support point of the financial service real economy,It is also the optimization business structure of financial institutions、Foundation of high -quality development。Bank insurance institutions shall take the "Guidance Opinions" as an opportunity,Accelerate transformation and innovation,Explore and improve the specialized organizational structure、Special risk control system、Professional product system、Special assessment mechanism, etc.,While improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy to serve the real economy, it improves its own steady development ability。

  Optimized financial products and services

A few days ago,"Shanghai Small Micro -Pu Hui Insurance" first batch of products launched。Products are specifically for small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households in Shanghai,Improve its risk defense ability in production and operation and personal safety。The first batch of products went online,It is also an important step in Shanghai's insurance industry in the field of serving small and micro enterprises。

Do a good job of financial "five big articles",It needs to be implemented in products and services。dafabet casino mobile app"Guidance Opinions" put forward specific requirements for optimizing "five big articles" financial products and services。Take inclusive finance as an example,Proposal to focus on pain points and difficult points to strengthen inclusive financial services。Bank insurance institutions should treat various ownership enterprises fairly,Continue to increase privately、Financial support of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households。Encourage the development of products and services that meet the needs of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households,Increase the first loan、Renewal、Credit loan、medium and long -term loans。

Report released by the People's Bank of China recently shows,The overall loan demand index in my country in the first quarter was 71.6%,10.1 percentage points from the previous month,Among them, small and micro enterprises rose higher than large enterprises and medium -sized enterprises。At the end of March, Pratt & Whitney micro loan increased by 20.3%year -on -year,More than all loans growth。

",Financial institutions increase their support for inclusive finance and other fields,Continuous optimization of credit structure。"Dong Ximiao believes,Do a good job of financial "five big articles",Financial institutions should further strengthen financial resources investment management,Increase resource tilt strength。At the same time, optimize the internal process,Improve service efficiency。Headquarters (Corporation) can fully authorize the branches,Realize high efficiency approval,To better meet the user's requirements for the timeliness of funds and services。

  Give full play to the advantages of the functions of the Banking Insurance Agency

Do a good job of financial "five big articles",How to exhibit the director of each institution?

"Guidance Opinions" is clear,Give full play to the functional advantage of bank insurance institutions to serve the "five big articles"。Looking at it specifically,National commercial banks must give full play to the role of the main force。Large -scale commercial banks must do excellence,Take the connotative development road,Enhance the core competitiveness of fintech,Give full play to network dafabet online betting websitechannels、Business functional collaboration,Improve the comprehensive financial service capabilities of "five big articles"。

Small and medium -sized banks should carry out specialized operations based on local。Urban Commercial Bank and private banks must give play to urban and rural residents、Service SME、The role of serving the local economy for the local economy,Pay attention to the use of the management radius short、Flexible business mechanism and other advantages,Optimized optimization of the "Five Big Articles" financial products and services。

"Bank insurance institutions do a good job of 'five big articles',It should be based on resource endowment and self -ability。"Dong Ximiao said,For large bank insurance institutions,It should be coordinated,Promote the "five big articles" together in handy、Coordinated development; small and medium -sized bank insurance institutions should be based on region、Industry、The characteristics and needs of customers,Focus on key points,Do a good job of inclusive finance plus a special business。other,Big data should use big data、Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies consolidate digital financial bases and abilities,True financial services everywhere、Tentacle can be well。

The person in charge of the relevant departments of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration said,To strengthen supervision and currency、Fortune tax、Industry、Environmental protection and other policies collaborate,Fully mobilize the government、Enterprise、Market and other aspects of enthusiasm。Promote the formation of various financial means to supplement each other、Each duty of financial institutions、The vivid situation of the integration and development of "Five Big Articles"。

Source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

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