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Manuscript staff: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 17:19:05   |   Views: 240

Recent,The State Administration of Finance Supervision and Administration issued the "Guiding Opinions on the" Five Big Articles "of the Banking Insurance Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance")。"Guidance Opinions" proposed,In the next 5 years,Multi -level of the banking insurance industry、wide coverage、Diversity、Sustainable "Five Big Articles" service system basically forms,Related working mechanism is more complete、The product is richer,Service acquisition、Covering surface、Satisfaction increased significantly。

Pratt & Whitney Financial Promoting the Development of the Real Economy、Promoting common prosperity is of great significance。Expert said,"Guidance Opinions" focuses on inclusive financial pain points and difficulties,From Pitchment Credit Supply、Products and services and other aspects of the direction of commercial banks' efforts on inclusive credit,helps to guide inclusive resources to lean towards key areas,Promote my country's inclusive financial service system to improve quality and efficiency。

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Since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2013, it has officially proposed the "Development of Inclusive Finance",my country's inclusive finance has entered a new stage,wide coverage、Multi -level inclusive financial service system gradually established。

The relevant person in charge of the Inclusive Finance Department of the State Administration of Finance Supervision said,In terms of optimizing the inclusive financial service system,To improve multi -level、wide coverage、Differentiated inclusive financial institution system,Form a clear division of labor、Each feature、Orderly competitive inclusive financial institution system。As of now,All county banking agencies achieve 100%full coverage,The coverage rate of township banking financial institutions is about 98%,It increased by about 2 percentage points from the end of 2017,Bank insurance services basically cover all administrative villages。

In recent years,The People's Bank of China is also actively playing the optimization of monetary policy structure,Guide more credit resources to invest in the field of inclusive finance,Promoting customers in different fields to fully enjoy inclusive financial services。"The Implementation Report of China Monetary Policy in 2024" display,Maintain the strong support for inclusive finance。The People's Bank of China actively uses supporting agricultural support small retraining、Cashback,Guide local legal person financial institutions to expand the agriculture -related agriculture、Credit distribution of small and micro and private enterprises。

Current,Commercial banks strengthen inclusive financial services,Inclusive loan growth dafabet online sports betting appis significantly increased。Data display,At the end of the first quarter of 2024,The balance of inclusive micro loans is 3.341 trillion yuan,The balance increased by 20.3%year -on -year,increased by 2.38 trillion yuan in the first quarter; farmers' production and operation loans balance of 9.95 trillion yuan,The balance increased by 17.1%year -on -year; the balance of poverty alleviation population loans of 1.2 trillion yuan,increased by 11%year -on -year。

Inclusive Finance is one of the "five big articles" proposed by the Central Financial Work Conference,Commercial banks under the guidance of the inclusive financial service system,Accelerate the gathering of advantageous credit resources to make up for the weak link of the real economy。"Guidance Opinions" deeply grasp the political nature of financial work、People's,Clarify the main goal of inclusive finance -basically build a high -quality inclusive financial system,Help common prosperity to a new level。

Researcher Wang Wenyu, Researcher at Renmin University of China, said,With the development of inclusive finance,my country's financial market as a whole is more tolerant and mature,The value of contributing to economic and social development is also increasing。The development of inclusive finance has changed the supply pattern of the financial market,More and more financial institutions compete in the field of inclusive finance,Financial exclusion phenomenon of small and medium and weak groups has been greatly alleviated,They can not only get financial services,It can also continuously improve the quality and efficiency of obtaining financial services。Service objects of inclusive finance,It is also the main starting point for achieving rural revitalization and common prosperity,Credit、Insurance、Frequent the popularity of inclusive financial services such as wealth management and financial knowledge,Production for small and medium and small groups、Life and development provides more choices and opportunities。

  Promoting financial product innovation

"Guidance Opinions" proposed,Bank insurance institutions should treat various ownership enterprises fairly,Continue to increase privately、Financial support of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households。Encourage the development of products and services that meet the needs of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households,Increase the first loan、Renewal、Credit Loan、medium and long -term loans。

Expert said,Putty Financial Customer Group Point Multi -Face Wide、Diverse demand。It is necessary to continue to promote various financial institutions to further practice the inclusive financial strategy,Find the combination point of positioning with your own function,Meeting the diversification of the real economy and the people、Inclusive financial services demand。

Relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Finance Supervision said,Pratt & Whitney Credit should focus on connotative development,Support small and micro enterprises to specialize in special development dafabet casino mobile appand technological innovation、Grain safety and rural industries、Poverty alleviation population and specific groups and other key areas。

It is worth noting that,The State Administration of Finance Supervision issued the "Notice on Doing the Terminal of Puhui in 2024" clearly,Banking financial institutions should enhance service capabilities for small and micro enterprises,Increase the first loan、Renewal Loan Putting,Expand service coverage。Strengthen small and micro enterprises、Development of exclusive products -related products,Create a special brand,Professional professionalism。Expert said,The financial regulatory authorities are clearly guaranteed in Puhui Credit Supply in 2024、Stable price、excellent structure,This helps better satisfy small and micro enterprises、The diversified financial needs of agricultural business entities and key assistance groups。So,Commercial banks must continue to innovate inclusive financial products,Expand the coverage of credit services。

Reporter learned,In Shandong,Agricultural Bank of the Liaocheng Branch of Agricultural and Liaocheng City Economic and Technological Development Zone in Finance and Finance of the Finance and Finance of the Economic and Technological Development Zone to promote water cities,Speed ​​up the difficulty of raising the financing of small, medium and micro enterprises、Financing expensive issues。Water City Zheng Caiyai Financial is an innovation of inclusive financial business,Financial companies will enjoy unsecured guarantee、Low loan interest rate discounts。"We obtained a bank credit loan of 10 million yuan through Water City Zheng Caiyai Loan,Provide a powerful guarantee for urban and rural sanitation projects。"Hou Zhaoshuai, director of the investment and financing department of Liaocheng Holdings Group Co., Ltd.。

Researcher Ye Yindan, a researcher at the Bank of China, said,Pratt & Whitney Finance takes into account sustainability,Commercial banks should work hard to achieve "loan due to dreamed of loan",Let more business entities meet financing needs。Large banks should play the role of serving the main force of the real economy,aiming at technology innovation、Specialty Specialty New、Manufacturing and other key areas small, medium and micro enterprises,Tilled financial resources; rely on the scale of funds、Stock customers、Comprehensive service and other advantages,Continuous innovation inclusive financial products,Satisfy the "short、Small、frequency、Urgent "needs,In particular, strengthen support for the sustainable development of small and micro business entities,Increase the first loan、Renewal、Credit Loan、Delivery of medium and long -term loans。Small and medium -sized banks should carry out specialized operations in the local area,Improve professional inclusive financial management mechanism,Cooperation with large banks or third -party companies,Improve business digital management capabilities,Improve service methods and efficiency。

  Effective effort Digital inclusive

Digital operation is an effective path for commercial banks to improve inclusive financial services。"Guidance Opinions" proposed,Actively guide bank insurance Dafabet reviewsinstitutions to develop digital transformation,Improve digital business service capabilities,Strengthen business management、Improve service quality、Reduce service cost。

Digital inclusive has the dual attributes of finance and technology。Senior Analyst Chen Yan, a senior analyst at Sky Eye Institute, said,Digital Financial Empowerment Inclusive Finance,not only speeding up the change of the service model of the commercial bank,It also helps improve the efficiency of inclusive financial services。Commercial banks need to speed up digital transformation,Make full use of big data、Artificial Intelligence and other technologies effectively identify user property clues、Loan records, etc.,to reduce the potential risk of credit (,Increase support for the weak links of small and micro enterprises。

Industry insiders said,High cost existence in the field of inclusive financial、High risk、The phenomenon of "two highs and one low" in return,This is also a problem that the banking industry urgently needs to crack。Ye Yindan said,Pratt & Whitney Financial Business Development still faces information obtaining difficulties、High service cost、Different scale and other problems。Traditional banking risk control model and inclusive finance requirements are difficult to match,Many bank credit is still based on mortgage loans,Market potential for small and medium -sized enterprises、Technical Innovation、Intellectual property、Insufficient "soft information" evaluation such as corporate governance。So,Commercial banks must actively connect with various government public data platforms,Breaking Data Island,Strengthen information and credit sharing,Better understanding of inclusive customers,Especially the credit situation of the first loan customer,Improve the acquisition of inclusive financial services。

In Nanning City, Guangxi,Deepen data from local banking institutions and tax departments,Actively play the role of "silver tax interaction",Introduction to customization、Personalized inclusive financial product measures,Precision docking of financing needs for small and medium -sized enterprises,Convert the enterprise's tax credit to "True Gold and Silver",Help small and medium -sized enterprises to achieve rapid financing。"Our company obtains 2 million yuan of loan loans from Guilin Bank through 'Silver Tax Interaction" with its tax credit,Effective recovery funds for pioneering market,Enterprise development is even more confident。"Liang Qi, the financial leader of Guangxi Nanning Baoxing Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., said。

Ye Yindan said,Different from various types of credit data,Bank accuracy、Comprehensive、The difficulty of getting data in time is still greater,To a certain extent restricts the development of digital inclusive。Commercial banks need to analyze massive data,Including transaction records of individuals and enterprises、Social behavior and other information,Create a precise credit portrait,to reduce dependence on traditional mortgage guarantees,Improve the credit gain of long -tailed customers。Next,Bank institutions dafabet casino mobile appcan be with other financial institutions、Electronic Payment Company、Consumer finance companies, etc.,Dig more loan households from the market。Combined with digital technology innovation financial product design,Launch personalized products for different groups。For example,For small and micro enterprises or farmers who lack credit records, launch a credit loan product without mortgage; launched customized services for special groups such as the elderly; at the same time, use big data to analyze customer needs,Introducing financial products that are more in line with market demand,Promote the high -quality development of inclusive finance。

Source: Economic Daily (Reporter Wang Baohui)

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