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Manuscript staff: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 17:12:53   |   Views: 266

Recent,Department of Commerce、China Export Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CITIC Insurance Company") jointly issued the "Notice on Giving full play to the role of high -quality trade in export credit insurance to promote high -quality trade and accelerate the construction of a strong country",Guide local business authorities and CITIC company business institutions with sufficient export credit insurance policy tools,greater efforts to support the high -quality development of trade、Construction of Trade Powerful Power。

Notification requirements,The competent business departments of various places must follow the changes in the external situation and the actual needs of the enterprise,Promoting export credit insurance to play a good way of cross -cycle and reverse cycle regulation,Guide insurance companies to deepen docking cooperation with foreign trade companies,Strengthen precision service for small and medium -sized enterprises。CITIC Insurance Company's business institutions must strengthen the functional positioning of policy Dafabet reviewsfinancial institutions,Increase support for key areas and weak links,Continuous expansion of insurance coverage,Optimized insured claims condition,Release financing credit increase efficiency,Improve the level of credit service,Effectively take advantage of the risk of export credit insurance prevention、Make up loss、Promoting financing、Pioneering market and other functions,Service quality and efficiency of improving the high -quality development of trade。

According to an introduction,Notification to consolidate the basic market of foreign trade and foreign capital、Accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy of foreign trade、Develop service trade and digital trade、Accelerate the development of integrated domestic and foreign trade、Deepen the "Belt and Road" economic and trade cooperation、Strengthen key tasks such as support for small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises,Further play the role of export credit insurance,Proposed about 30 measures in 6 aspects,The focus includes: First, actively respond to corporate demands,Resolutely implement short -term insurance -related work arrangements,Use the import prepaid insurance with a good use of import insurance,Consolidate the basic market of foreign trade and foreign capital。Second, to increase the international cooperation underwriting of foreign trade supply chain,Improve cross -border e -commerce、Exclusive product services for overseas dafabet online sports betting appwarehouses,Actively integrate into the market to purchase trade、Bonded repair、Foreign Trade Comprehensive Services Platform and other new formats and new modes,Accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy of foreign trade。Third is to focus on serving trade and digital trade,Improve international transportation、Advertising、Culture、Insured services such as maintenance and maintenance,Explore more data elements into the insured review,Strengthen Banking Data Cooperation。Fourth is to deepen domestic trade insurance and export insurance collaboration,Expansion of the industrial chain inheritance scope,Support the development of integrated domestic and foreign trade。Five is to deepen the "Belt and Road" economic and trade cooperation,Give play to the role of medium and long -term insurance and sea investment insurance,Guarantee iconic engineering,Optimize Simplified business procedures,Support "small and beautiful" project,​​Provide a customized risk solution,Improve the comprehensive underwriting ability。Six is ​​to appropriately tilted resources to small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises,Improve the convenience of insurance insurement and policy gain,Actively expand online policy financing business,Provide more inclusive risk management services。

Notification emphasized,The business authorities of various localities and the business institutions of CITIC Company must adhere to the target orientation dafabet live casinoand problem -oriented,Scientific overall planning,Organize implementation carefully,Strengthen collaborative linkage,Promoting work joint,Do not discourage the implementation,Promoting the implementation of the policy of benefiting enterprises with pragmatic management measures,Help foreign trade quality steady。

   Source: People's Daily (Reporter Luo Shanshan)

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