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Recent,Secretary of the Central Network Information Office、The General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry、The General Office of the National Development Reform Commission、The General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology、General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision、Comprehensive Department of the National Data Bureau jointly issued the "Guide to Digital Rural Construction 2.0" (hereinafter referred to as "Guide 2.0")。On the "Guide 2.0" related questions,Central Network Information Office、Relevant responsible comrades of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs answered reporters' questions。

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Answer: Comprehensively promote rural revitalization、Accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country,It is a strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee to focus on building a socialist modern power country。Digital countryside is the strategic direction of rural revitalization,It is also the only way to build a strong agricultural country。May 2019,Central Office、The General Office of the State Council issued the "Outline of Digital Rural Development Strategy",System arrangements for digital rural construction。July 2021,Central Cyberspace Office and other seven departments office jointly released the "Guidelines of Digital Rural Construction 1.0" (hereinafter referred to as "Guide 1.0"),Guide to actively open up and innovate everywhere,Created a number of application scenarios and typical cases with the value of replication and promotion,Promoting the construction Dafabet reviewsof digital countryside achieves positive results。But from a few years of practice,National digital rural construction is still in the critical stage of in -depth exploration,Facing data integration sharing mechanism still needs to be improved、endogenous development momentum still needs to be strengthened、Sustainable development model still needs to be explored and other problems。other,A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform represented by information technology,Putting new higher requirements for digital rural construction in the new situation。In order to guide the new problems and challenges encountered in the practice of digital rural construction,,Central Network Information Office、The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry organized relevant units to compile the "Guide 2.0",So that all localities and departments can grasp the key tasks and target directions of digital rural construction in the new situation。

  Q: What are the main aspects of "Guide 2.0"?

Answer: "Guide 2.0" mainly optimizes and improves "Guide 1.0" in 5 aspects。First, the content of the original "public support platform" is included in "agricultural data resources",Emphasize the value of the data elements better。Second, "smart agriculture" is separated from the "rural digital economy",Be better to guide the development of smart agriculture in various places。Third is to integrate the "construction development model" and "construction process management" into "construction method",Further highlight the operability of the guide。Fourth is to refine protection measures,Supplementing the municipal level work task,Clear province、City、County three -level task division of labor。Five is to improve the typical case,Combined with the results of innovation and practice in recent years,Optimized and improved dafabet online sports betting appthe case,Enhance the reference of the guide。

  Q: What are the applicable objects and main contents of "Guide 2.0"?

Answer: "Guide 2.0" is mainly provincial、City、County Level 3 -level relevant government departments,Suitable for guiding dafabet casino mobile appthe construction of digital villages in the county、Operation and Management。

"Guide 2.0" according to the deployment requirements of the "Outline of Digital Rural Development",According to "What to build、How to build it、Who will build "the idea,Construction content、Construction methods and guarantee mechanisms have built a framework for digital rural construction,"Guideline 2.0" includes 4 parts of 19 parts。Where,The first part is the overall requirements,A total of 3,Including the guidance thoughts of digital rural construction、Basic principles、Construction framework。The second part is the content of the construction,A total of 8,Including rural digital infrastructure、Data -related data resources、Smart Agriculture、Rural Digital Fully Industry、Village digital culture、Village digital governance、Village digital benefits and beautiful villages。The third part is the construction method,A total of 3,Including planning design、Investment construction and operation management。The fourth part is the guarantee measure,A total of 5,Including strengthening organizational protection、Strengthening multiple co -construction、Strengthen security、Deepen the pilot exploration、Create a good atmosphere。

  Q: What are the main characteristics of "Guide 2.0"?

Answer: "Guide 2.0" based on actual、Services,Reflecting the people -centered development thought,Reflecting the new requirements of digital rural construction in the new situation。Total view,There are three characteristics。First, pay more attention to co -construction and sharing,Digital rural Dafabet reviewsconstruction is a systematic project,Involved in Face Wide、Professional strong,The subjects of all parties should cooperate closely、Liech up and down,According to the "Move on the Platform、Service Sinking "principle,Make full use of existing national level、Provincial system platforms and other resources,Promote the interconnection of information infrastructure、Data resources integration sharing。Second, it is stronger to adjust the local conditions,Learning and using the "Ten Thousand Project" Experience,According to the basis of development in various places、Location condition、Resource endowment,Take the corresponding development strategy and policy measures,Classification orderly advance,Persist in quantity to obey quality、Progress obedience to effectiveness、Ask if you do n’t want,Resolutely prevent formalism and face engineering。Third is to highlight multiple parties participation,Digital villages involve multi -application scenarios,both involved industrial development,It also involves public services,Need to accurately grasp the relationship between the government and the market in different scenarios,Stimulate the vitality of various subjects in a market -oriented manner、better play the role of the government。

  Q: How to promote the use of "Guide 2.0" in various places next?

Answer: Next,Central Network Information Office、The Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs will work with the relevant departments to do a good job of the following three aspects。First, strengthen publicity and interpretation。Organize industry experts to interpret the content of "Guide 2.0",Guide all places to better grasp the overall requirements of digital rural construction、Content framework、Construction method, etc.,Combined with the actual development of the region,Promote the construction Dafabet reviewsof digital countryside。The second is to strengthen the pilot application。Take the second batch of national digital rural pilots as an opportunity,Encourage the use of "Guidelines 2.0" in actual work in various places,Focus on key areas and difficult problems,Constantly exploring the actual situation、Path mode with regional characteristics,Create a group of typical development model。Third, do a good job of tracking monitoring。Strengthen the tracking guidance of digital rural construction in various places,Continue to carry out the level of digital rural development level monitoring,Timely summarizing and promoting various excellent cases and typical modes,Constantly optimize and improve the content of "Guide 2.0"。

Source: Office of the Central Network Security and Informatization Committee