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 Pre -collection fee mode is a common business model,Widely used in the service industry。With the rapid development of my country's elderly care services,Some pension institutions are quickly returning funds、Increase customer stickiness、Reduce operational risks and other considerations,It also adopted the pre -collection fee mode operation,Mainly there are pre -collection -care service fees、deposit and "Member Card" and "Member Fee" and other forms。Pre -collection fee to a certain extent,Let the elderly and their families enjoy the discount price,Time cost that saves monthly fees。But I also have to see,After some pension institutions receive a large amount of pre -collection and fee,Obligations do not perform according to the contract、Fund management is irregular、Fracture and bankruptcy of the capital chain,Cause risk accumulation。There are even some criminals,With the name of "Pension Service","High interest、High returns "is bait,Implement illegal fund -raising,"Pension Money" for deceiving the elderly。In recent years,Representative member、The public、Experts and scholars strongly call for regulatory policies to introduce from the national level as soon as possible,Standardize the pre -charge behavior of the elderly institutions,Strengthen governance from the source。The Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Development Reform Commission、Ministry of Public Security、Ministry of Finance、People's Bank of China、Market Supervision General Administration、The General Administration of Finance Supervision actively responds to the new requirements of the people,"Small incision" from the pre -charged fee solve the "big problem" of the elderly service around the masses,Through in -depth grass -roots research、Repeated research demonstration、Listen to opinions extensively,Deep dug root Find the problem,Summary local pilot experience、Based on the practice of other industries,I proposed a series of management measures,Formation of full -chain management requirements。"Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Preparatory Fees for Pension Institutions" jointly issued by departments (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance Opinions"),On the road to promoting high -quality development of pension services,I took important new steps。

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1 is to implement the Party Central Committee、Important measures for decision -making deployment of the State Council。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Party Central Committee、The State Council attaches great importance to development and security issues。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Central Economic Work Conference in 2023: "It is necessary to adhere to high -quality development and high -level security and benign interaction,Promote high -level security with high quality development,High -quality development at high level safety protection,Dynamic balance of development dafabet online betting websiteand security、complement each other "。The important instruction spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping provides a fundamental compliance with the work of promoting the development and regulatory work of the promotion and supervision of the elderly.。The "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Development of Pension Services" issued in 2019,For marketing for sales such as "Member Card" for sales,To adopt a third -party depository method of commercial banks to ensure the security of funds。Opinions of the General Office of the State Council in 2020 on Establishing and Improvement of High -quality Development of Pension Services for the Establishment and improvement of the comprehensive regulatory system of pension services "once again emphasized the need to strengthen the standardized management of pre -collection service fees for pension service institutions。The Central Financial Work Conference held in October 2023 emphasizes that the management industry must manage risks,Strictly prevent the alienation of general commercial behaviors into illegal financial activities。"Guidance Opinions" in -depth implementation of the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council,Collection by strengthening the pre -collection funds、Management、Use、Refund the full -chain supervision,Increase the charging behavior of the elderly institution into the rule of law、Standardized track,Covering the channels for illegal fundraising by blocking criminals illegal fundraising,Provides a strong guarantee for the development of high -quality development for promoting elderly care services。

Second is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly,The urgent need for improving the level of capital security。General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized,To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly。Only the security of the elderly is guaranteed,Only in the pension institution can live with peace of mind。"Guidance Opinions" focuses on regulating charges、Reasonable use、Safety Management、Risk prevention,Through clear collection requirements、Specific use of use、Strengthen refund management、Strengthen the post -event post -event supervision measures, etc.,"The Rule of Rule of Law",minimize the hidden risk hazards。For some pension institutions "sell more in one bed"、Super long -term pre -collection fee、Funding to make him use、Delayed refund for no reason、Disguise consumption and other problems,It is strictly prohibited to prohibit the pension institution beyond the bed supply capacity commitment service、Limited pre -income fee period and amount、Restricted use of funds,Standardized service agreement content and refund、A series of requirements such as inducing payments for strictly prohibit payment,Resolutely rectify chaos of charges; deposits with large hidden risks、Member Fee,On the basis of daily supervision,Adopt bank depository management and risk margin management,Give play to the role of a financial institution's outpost,Further improve the level of fund security。A series of management measures proposed by the "Guidance Opinions",improved consumer safety factor,Let the elderly and their families consume more assured。

Third is to regulate the development of the dafabet online sports betting appindustry,Objective requirements for stable market expectations and industry development confidence。Persist in steady progress、To promote stability is an important requirement for current economic work。"Guidance Opinions" grasp the relationship between "stability" and "enter",Premises with the order of "steady" pension service market,to promote the "advancement" of the risk resolution of the pre -collection fee; to strengthen the cross -departmental collaboration、"Entry" of the full chain supervision,to promote the "stability" of the market order of the elderly service market。The first aspect,Affirmation of the elderly institutions to solve the lack of construction funds,relieve operating pressure,Adopting pre -charging mode operation,is the result of the diversified development of the market subject; the second aspect,Fill the gap in the national level supervision system,Cultivation of the pre -collection fee of the elderly institution、Stand -up ruler,An open and fair and transparent regulatory rules and standards,Let the regulatory regulations be based on、Let the institutional integrity compliance operations have chapters to follow; third aspect,Constructing a collaborative supervision system,Clarify the division of labor and coordination of departmental responsibilities,Reinforcement work connection,Enhance the daily supervision of cross -departmental departments、Risk monitoring、The coordination and coordination of classification and disposal,Form an effective supervision joint force。The introduction of "Guidance Opinions",Both purify the ecology of the pension service market,Standardize the development of the industry to develop in a healthy and orderly direction,Also focuses on maintaining consistency with macro policies,Do not engage in a knife、Say brake,By creating stable and transparent openness、The expected policy environment,Confidence in further stabilizing industry investment and development。

  2. The main content of "Guidance Opinions

"Guidance Opinions" A total of 4 parts of 14 requirements,Mainly regulates from four aspects:

(1) Determine the overall requirements of risk reduction and development。Aimed at the establishment and improvement of the work mechanism of the pre -charging fees of cross -department pension institutions before 2025,It has proposed to strengthen the collection fee for the pension institution、Management、Use、The full chain supervision concept of refund,Clarifying the truth is seeking what is、Adactions to local conditions,Safe development、Deepening the bottom line,Practical efficiency、Basic principles of collaborative linkage。

(2) Full chain Standardize the charging behavior of pension institutions。Clarify the connotation of pre -charges,Pension service fees charged by the elderly and their agents before providing services、deposit and membership fees are included in supervision。First, the requirements are required,The maximum pre -collection cycle and the maximum pre -collection amount of the longest pre -collection cycle of the elderly service fee,Risk of preventing and controlling funds; authorized provincial civil affairs departments to make restricted requirements for the maximum charging amount of membership fees for profit -seeking pension dafabet casino mobile appinstitutions。It is strictly forbidden for the pension institution to exceed the bed supply capacity commitment service,To prevent "one bed sell more"; the total amount of pre -charges must not exceed its net asset net,Prevent "non -debt"。The second is limited to use use,Clear restrictive regulations,Make sure that special funds are dedicated。Third is to clarify agreement management and refund requirements,Focusing that it is easy to cause disputes,Agreement on signing、Inform the risk、issue an invoice、Return fee、Solution to solve disputes and other links for specifications,Maximum guarantee of the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly。

(3) Multiple measures to strengthen supervision and management。According to the degree of hidden dangers of risks,Classified supervision,For the elderly service fee that needs to be charged to meet daily operations,"Double Random" and Special Inspection、Spring check audit、Risk monitoring and other daily supervision is mainly; deposits collected for specific uses,High funds、Member fees with greater risks,On the basis of daily supervision methods,Adopt commercial bank depository,Make sure that special funds are dedicated,Requires a certain amount of risk margin,Make sure that there is a certain ability to settle when the dispute occurs。

(4) Safe Organization Implementation。Clarify the division of responsibilities and cooperation of various departments。Requires local governments to formulate supporting policies,Refined management requirements and specific measures,Grasp the implementation。Requires a reasonable transition period in various places,and urge the guidance to guide the pension institutions that have collected pre -charges to complete the corresponding procedures in accordance with regulations。Regions that require pre -charging management measures in the early stage,Applicable to policy connection。

  3, the implementation of "Guidance Opinions"

Delivery,Nine points implementation。The vitality of the policy lies in implementation,After the formulation of a good policy,High -quality and efficient landing is the key。Next,The civil affairs department will promote the implementation of the "Guidance Opinions" from four aspects。

The first is detailed measures for the benchmark task。Starting from actual、Adactions to local conditions,Highlight local characteristics and development requirements,Lead to formulate implementation rules or corresponding management measures,Refined management requirements and specific measures; according to the level of economic development in the region and the current status of the development of pension institutions,Conjutation of relevant departments on the basis of research and demonstration,Determine the longest pre -collection cycle of local pension service fees、The highest pre -collection amount of the deposit、Restrictions such as the maximum amount of membership fees and the retaining ratio of risk margin for membership fees。Formulating the depository system with local financial regulatory authorities,Clarify the rules of depository and management,Fine and determine the abnormal flow of funds,Determine the bank list of banks that undertake the business in the region。

Second is to improve the coordinated supervision mechanism。Work mechanisms for the supervision of pre -collection fees in the relevant departments,Clarify the division of responsibilities,Correct supervision liability,Establish and improve the clue of regular reporting problems、Regular research and judgment major risk hidden dangers、Detailed torture case transfer、Coordinated and coordinated working mechanisms such as stocking; establishing a communication and cooperation mechanism with the banking system,Improve the risk monitoring of pre -collection fees for pension institutions、Early warning reminder、Workflows such as abnormal reports,Guidance and Management Bank according to regulatory rules,Establish an account management system for pension institutions,Collect the funds of the elderly institution to collect、Use information,Clarify the access standard for depository banks,Docking with the information system with the civil affairs department,Management mode of two -way development of industry authorities and financial institutions。

Third is to help the institution transition smoothly。Combined with the actual setting of the region, a reasonable transition period,Guide to help the elderly institutions to complete the opening of a dedicated deposit account during the transition period、Turn into funds、Information submission and other procedures,Do a good job of connection and preparation of policy implementation。Multi -channel、Multi -platform policy promotion and interpretation,Improving the policy knowledge rate of the masses and pension institutions。

Fourth is to explore innovative supervision methods。Use informatization、Big Data and other means,Strengthening the post -charging of the pre -charging of the elderly institutions,Explore the monitoring model,Improve the accuracy of monitoring and early warning。Explore the dynamic assessment of credit rating of pension institutions,Different credit levels,Implementation of differentiated supervision requirements; improve and implement the demonstration text of the pension service agreement,Explore the online signing of the elderly service contract,Standardized signing performance behavior; actively connect with insurance institutions,Explore commercial insurance such as "Performance Guarantee Insurance",Further reduce consumer risk。

Source: Ministry of Civil Affairs