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Manuscript: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 16:57:09   |   Views: 142

Learn from the High People's Court of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,Since this year,The court of the entire district further promoted the "Special Action for the Effective Effectiveness Improvement of the Trial",While protecting the rights and interests of the creditors in accordance with the law, it is avoided by fighting the right of the creditors to crack down on the executor of the dishonesty、Escape、Focus on resistance execution,Continue to increase the punishment of the executors of the dishonesty,Help the construction of a social integrity system。

dafabet casino mobile appThe courts in the district continuously strengthen the implementation of linkage and co -governance,Carry out joint credit punishment,For individuals with serious dishonesty,Strictly implement restrictions on exit strictly in accordance with laws and regulations,Restricted purchase of real estate、Plane、high -speed rail and other means of transportation,Restricted travel vacation、Measures such as hotels above the star and other high consumption behaviors。United Public Security、Procuratorate and other political and legal agencies,Establishing a normalized crackdown on refusal crime work mechanism,Maintain the high pressure of the crime of refusing to be refused。Comprehensive improvement of the implementation level of "digital wisdom",Explore the new mode of "execution of paperless" cases。Publish typical cases to the whole society regularly through press conferences,Live broadcasting dafabet online betting websitespecial operations,Enhance the public participation of the public。

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily

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