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Since this year,The Justice Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region focuses on the "worry" of the business environment in the region,To solve the problem of "no temperature" problem of supervision and law enforcement as the entry point,Implementation through orderly organization、Perfect promotion of implementation、Effective strengthening supervision,Continue to improve the "temperature" law enforcement ability,Promoting the business environment in the region to become "worry" into "excellent"。

Strengthening coordinated and orderly organizational implementation

Do a good job of work scheduling。Organizing the 20 administrative law enforcement departments of the Autonomous Region at the level and the 12 League Municipal Judiciary Bureau to improve the first meeting of the three -year action mechanism of the three -year action work meeting of administrative law enforcement and solve the "no temperature" problem scheduling meeting of supervision and law enforcement,Clearly strengthening enforcement methods、Continue to promote work tasks such as flexible law enforcement。Clear work focus。Formulate the "Implementation Plan for the Three-year Action Plan for the Quality of Administrative Law Enforcement (2023-2025) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region",Arrange 23 key tasks,Clarify the prominent problem of strong administrative law enforcement、Improve the new administrative dafabet live casinolaw enforcement mechanism、11 work measures including innovative administrative law enforcement methods Promote flexible law enforcement。Responsibility for work。Promote the incorporation of the "no temperature" problem of supervision and law enforcement into the government's integrity construction of the integrity construction project of the autonomous region government,Implementation of normalization、Singleization management,Make sure the tasks are promoted in an orderly manner。

The focus of the work is strongly promoted

Clarify the boundary of administrative law enforcement。Printing and issuing the "Implementation Plan for Cleaning and Cleaning Work",Organize various administrative law enforcement departments to carry out administrative law enforcement matters to sort out and clean up,Forms a list of 1431 autonomous regions at the level of administrative law enforcement items,Clarify more than 6,000 administrative law enforcement matters in the district,Effectively prevent law enforcement。Establish a "service -oriented" law enforcement concept。Urges and guides all administrative law enforcement departments to earnestly learn from Zhejiang、Shenzhen and other places,Carry out the first illegal warning tips、Mild illegal notification promise system、Social service discount on fine law enforcement。If the Public Security Department promotes "minor traffic violations, not punishment", "10 minutes of violation of penalties" and other measures,The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau implements the "front -type" service。Improve the "free penalty" and "light penalty" list。There are 3347 free penalty in the region、Based on the matters of light punishment,Urges 4 administrative law enforcement departments to incorporate 118 administrative penalties into free penalty、Light penalty list,Make the law enforcement more "temperature"。Strengthen Dafabet reviewsthe training of law enforcement officers。Printing the "Education and Training Work Plan for Strengthening Administrative Law Enforcement Officers in the Region",Set 3 training content,Determine 3 links、7 steps,Organize more than 80,000 administrative law enforcement officers in the region for full -time training,Improve the "temperature" law enforcement ability。

Effectively strengthen supervision of innovative law enforcement supervision

Focus on building an administrative law enforcement supervision system。In -depth implementation of the China Office、The requirements of the State Office on strengthening the construction of administrative law enforcement coordination and supervision work system,Combined with the actual work,Formulate and implement the implementation plan,Proposal 18 specific work measures,Refined to form 50 task lists。The "Notice on Accelerating the Establishment of the Fourth -level Administrative Law Enforcement Coordination Supervision Work System",Promote the implementation of the coordination and supervision of administrative law enforcement in the Sumu Township (Street) Judicial Office that has implemented the reform of the region,Clarify 9 supervision responsibilities of the judicial office,Make sure to basically build a four -level full -coverage administrative law enforcement coordination supervision work system by the end of 2024。Strengthen supervision and inspection。Focus on sports enforcement、"One Drive Cut" Law Enforcement、Simple and rude law enforcement、Savage enforcement、Excessive law enforcement、Mechanical Law Enforcement、Law enforcement and other questions,Drafted the special rectification work plan of the prominent issue of administrative law enforcement in the region。Guide the special rectification of the prominent issues of administrative law enforcement in the alliance and municipal judicial bureaus,Since dafabet live casinothis year,Cumulative investigation found 58 law enforcement issues,and propose 66 items of targeted rectification measures。Broaden supervision channels。Introduction to Social Supervision,Organize 10,441 social supervisors,Promote the normalization of social supervisors to participate in administrative law enforcement activities,Give play to the "whistle" role of discovering problems; strengthen complaint supervision,Establish a 12345 hotline and administrative law enforcement supervision and cooperation mechanism with the Autonomous Region Government Services and Data Administration,Improve the initiative and accuracy of administrative law enforcement supervision。As of now,Cumulative collection of 51 clues for complaints and reports of the masses,It has urged relevant departments to complete the rectification。

Source: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Judicial Department

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