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Manuscript: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 16:50:04   |   Views: 165

Recent,The People's Procuratorate of the Autonomous Region issued the "Special Action Implementation Plan for the Procuratorate of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Procuratorate",From the "Five Strokes of Enterprises", "Practice Enterprise", "Clear Protection Enterprise", "Prevention and Protection Enterprises", "Knowing the Industry and Protection Enterprises", "Sending the Law and Protection Enterprise",Proposed 30 pragmatic measures,Further optimize the business environment of rule of law,Promoting high -quality development of private enterprises。

Where,"Combined Regulatory Enterprise" aspect,Through extension of the scope of the case、dafabet live casinoImprove the quality and efficiency of the case、Five measures such as conducting inspections,Promote the high -quality development of private enterprises;,Cleanings of "Hanging Cases" in the investigation stage of the investigation stage、6 measures such as the Cleaning Clearance Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning Case in the Case of Call for Centers,Optimize the development of private enterprises to develop the rule of law;,Crime crimes through severe punishment and damage to the field of fair competition、Strictly punish 11 measures such as corruption crimes within private enterprises,Protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises;,Through the series of activities of "Knowing Industry and Health Enterprises"、4 measures to strengthen the civil supervision of intellectual property rights,Maintaining the intellectual property rights of private enterprises;,Through the activities of Mongolian Inspection and Protection Enterprises、Building 4 measures such as the platform of Mongolian inspection and protection dafabet live casinoenterprise,Preventing private enterprises' operating risks。

Requirements for the People's Procuratorate of the Autonomous Region,The procuratorial organs of the entire district must combine the development of "prosecution and protection enterprises" and "five moves of the enterprise" to coordinate,Contribute to the service guarantee to ensure the high -quality development of the economy and society。

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily

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