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Manuscript: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 16:49:14   |   Views: 129

In recent years,With the rapid development of the network platform,Online transaction supervision missions are arduous。For this,The Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region summarizes a set of supervision and inspection combined with a full -scale "four -step method" working mode。As of February 2024,Use this method to find 56 illegal clues,41 transfers from other provinces。Through cooperation with the public security organs,Broken 4 fake dens in the jurisdiction,4 suspects of arrest criminals。

It is reported,Supervision and Inspection combined with the "four -step method" dafabet online betting websiteof the comprehensive solid certificate includes monitoring solid permits、Buy comparison、Check inspection、Logistics traceability。By constructing a precise monitoring model,Carry out online monitoring,Once suspicious clues are found,Immediately conduct electronic solid permits on the relevant information of the online store involved。Buy suspected illegal products as ordinary consumers,Detailed record logistics information and receiving process,and compare the real information of the product with the publicity of merchants,So as to accurately discover problems。Then conduct targeted inspections of related offline business entities,Internal quality inspection of products that are suspected of quality problems,Make sure the facts of illegal illegal facts are accurate。Finally retrieved the delivery information through the logistics company,Touch the melon,Precise locking illegal acts and delivery staff,Forms a dafabet casino mobile appcomplete evidence chain。This working mode can directly point to the source of fake fake sale,It provides a strong support for combating the illegal behavior of online transactions。

Source: Inner Mongolia Daily

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