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New Year's Eve,President Xi Jinping through the central radio and television station and the Internet,Published the New Year's Congratulations。Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng

New Year's Eve,President Xi Jinping through the central radio and television station and the Internet,Published the New Year's Congratulations。The full text is as follows:

Hello everyone! The winter solstice Yang Sheng,The age of the age of return。Beautiful moments of the old and welcoming the new,I will give you a New Year's blessing to everyone in Beijing!

2023,We continue to struggle、Moving forward,After experiencing wind and rain baptism,I saw the beautiful scenery,Get a heavy harvest。Everyone remember the difficulty of a year,Also full of confidence in the future。

The pace of this year,We walked very solid。Epidemic prevention and control smooth switching,my country's economy continues to rise and rises to get better,High -quality development solidly advance。The modern industrial system is more sound,A batch of high -end、Intelligent、Green new pillar industry rises rapidly。Food Production "Twenty Company",Green Water and Green Mountains become more enough,Village revitalization shows new weather。Northeast comprehensive rejuvenation compose a new article,Xiong'an New District Explosion growth,The vitality pulses of the Yangtze River Economic Belt,The Yue, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area bravely stands up。dafabet online betting websiteChina's economy has strong body in the storm、Strong bone。

The pace of this year,We are very powerful。After a long time of hard work,China's innovation motivation、Development vitality is rushing。C919 large aircraft realizes COFO,Domestic large cruise ship completes testing,Shenzhou family space relay,"Struggler" limit deep dive。Domestic products are widely popular,Domestic new mobile phone is difficult to find,New Energy Vehicle、Lithium battery、Photovoltaic products added a new bright color to Made in China。China strives to climb with the spirit of self -improvement,Create everywhere。

The pace of this year,We are very seeing God。Chengdu Universiade、Hangzhou Asian Games wonderful brings,Sports athletes Yong Chuang Gaming。Holiday travel crowds,The movie market is red and red,"Village Super"、"Village Evening" vitality four shots,Low -carbon life becomes fashionable,Warm life atmosphere、The busyness of recovery,Interpretation of people's pursuit of beautiful and happiness,It also shows a full vitality、China with hot air。

The pace of this year,We walked very confident。China is a great country,Inherited the great civilization。On this vast land,Desert Lone Smoke、Jiangnan drizzle,Total to make people think about thousands of years、Heart is pushing and pursuing; the Yellow River Jiuqu、The Yangtze River Benci,Always make people surging、Availability。Liangzhu、The dawn of civilization in Erli,Text inheritance of Oracle of Yinxu,Cultural Treasure of Sanxingdui,The context of the National Edition Pavilion continues ... 泱 泱,How long history,Civilization How well is Big,This is the foundation of our confidence、Source of Power。

China not only dafabet online betting websitedevelops itself,Also actively embrace the world,Responsibilities of the great country。We successfully host the China-Central Asian Summit、The 3rd "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum,A series of home diplomacy welcomes the guests and friends of Wuzhou。I also visited some countries,I attended some international meetings,Meeting many old friends、New partner,Share China Corporation,Deepen each other's consensus。Changes in the world,Peaceful development is always the main theme,Cooperation and win -win is always the last word。

On the way forward,Wind and rain is the norm。Some companies are facing operating pressure,Employment of some people、Life encountered difficulties,Floods occur in some places、Typhoon、Earthquake and other natural disasters,I care about it in my heart。Everyone is not afraid of wind and rain、Watch Xiang help,Face Challenge、overcome difficulties,I am deeply moved。Hard work farmers,Workers who work hard,Entrepreneurs who dare to make a dare to fight,Children of Baojia Wei Guo,People from all walks of life are sweating,Every ordinary person has made extraordinary contributions! The people will always be the biggest dependence on all difficult challenges。

Next year will be the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China。We must unswervingly promote Chinese -style modernization,Full、Accurate、Comprehensive implementation of new development concepts,Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern,Promote high -quality development,Coordinated development and safety。To persist in steady progress、To promote stability、End first and then break,Consolidate and enhance the economic recovery to a good situation,dafabet casino mobile appRealize economic stability and far away。To comprehensively deepen reform and opening up,Further boost development confidence,Enhance economic vitality,Education with greater efforts、Xing Technology、Education talents。To continue to support Hong Kong、Macau takes advantage,Maintain long -term prosperity and stability in the better integration of the national development。Unification of the motherland is history inevitable,Compatriots on both sides of the strait must work together,Sharing the great glory of national rejuvenation。

Our goal is very magnificent,It is also very simple,In the final analysis, let ordinary people live a better life。Children's support education,Employment of young people,Medical care for the elderly,It is a family affairs and a state affairs,Everyone must work together,Do these things well。Now,Social rhythm is fast,Everyone is busy,The pressure of work and life is great。We want to create a warm and harmonious social atmosphere,Expand tolerance and active innovation space,Create convenient and comfortable living conditions,Let everyone feel happy、Life is colorful、Dreams come true。

Current,There are still some places in the world in the fire smoke。Chinese people know the preciousness of peace,We are willing to do it with the international community,Taking human future as a pregnant、Thought with the well -being of the people,Promote the construction of a community of human destiny,Build a better world。

At this moment,The night is colorful,Wanjia Light。Let's be together,I wish the motherland prosperous、The world is peaceful and peaceful! I wish you all the blessing of the four seasons、Shun Sukang!

Thank you everyone!

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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