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Manuscript: Liu Jia   |   Release date:2024/6/4 17:08:00   |   Views: 142

May 27,China Consumer Association released the "Annual Report of the Protection of China's Consumer Rights (2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Report"),Comprehensively summarized the protection of consumer rights and interests in my country in 2023、Administrative、The significant achievements achieved in all aspects of justice and society。"Report" disclosure,2023,National Consumers Association Organization accepted consumer complaints of 1.3285 million pieces,Solution of 1.1274 million pieces,Complaint resolution rate 84.86%,Save 1.37 billion yuan for consumers to restore economic losses。

"Report" pointed out,At present, there are still six prominent problems in the protection of consumer rights and interests in my country: relatively lagging on consumer credit related legislation in the financial sector,Consumer'Dafabet reviewss right to know、Privacy、Right to revoke、Basic rights such as repayment of loans in advance requires better protection of the rule of law;

Digital consumption and other new consumer field consumer rights protection system supply system supply is still insufficient,Smart terminal、Smart Home、Unmanned driving、Digital Man Service、Genesis artificial intelligence service、Yuan Universe Virtual Scene、Consumption in the fields of blind box operations,It is necessary to accelerate the construction of the legal system;

Pre -production and other new food production and operation models need to be stepped up,ingredients are not fresh、Insufficient taste reduction、Serious homogeneity of product、Brand low、Standards and other issues have caused consumers' concerns;

Medical Beauty Contract "Overlord Terms" more,Marketing "Routine" Consumers,"Black Institution、Dr. Black "caused" beauty "to become" disfigured "and other problems,Urgently need to improve normalized supervision;

Electric scams are constantly renovated in the context of digitalization,AI portrait "Precision Fraud"、Multiple fraud and other frauds make consumers invincible,Increase the strength of full chain dafabet live casinogovernance、Effectively improving consumers' awareness and ability for anti -fraud are imminent;

Live e -commerce、Relevant laws and regulations and standards and standards of new online marketing needs to be improved,Some platform data fake、Vulgar "bring goods"、Division of private transactions and other issues need to be stepped up。

In order to put forward the proposal of consumer rights protection work in 2024: Cultivate and strengthen new consumption growth points,Stimulate consumer vitality; accelerate the formulation and revision of relevant laws,Promoting the construction of the consumer field system towards high -quality development; efforts to solve the problem of difficult points in the field of people's livelihood consumption,Effectively ensure the safety of the personal property of consumers; continuously improve the level of public service,At the same time, strengthen quality management,Improve the consumer experience,Guide rational consumption。

Source: Rule of Law Daily All Media Reporter Wan Jing

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